Why Happy Silk?

Why Happy Silk will do wonders for your... 


  • #Wokeuplikethis: Whereas other fabrics cause damage and tangled hair due to friction, silk is naturally smooth and allows your hair to slide on the pillowcase. As a result, your hair will not break as often which will reduce the thinning effect of sleeping. Say goodbye to bad hair days!
  • Retain moisture: Silk keeps your hair hydrated and will not drain your hair of moisture. Additionally, silk helps control your hair’s production of sebum. Say goodbye to dry and greasy hair! 
  • Make your blow dry last longer: The heat from blow drying too often risks damaging your hair. Silk will let your blow dry last longer. Say goodbye to damaged hair!
  • Does not conduct static electricity: Wake up with shining hair and say goodbye to frizz!
  • Anti-aging: Silk is a natural material which contains protein and essential amino acids. These counter the effects of aging and speed up the metabolism of skin cells. Additionally, silk is gentle to your skin and minimise friction and trauma. Say goodbye to wrinkles!
  • Non-absorbent: Silk does not absorb moisture allowing your skin to breath and stay hydrated while you sleep. Unlike cotton, your night creams stay where they are supposed to rather than soaked up in your pillow. Say goodbye to dry skin!
  • Temperature control: Silk naturally regulates temperature and keeps your skin warm in the winter and cool in the summer preventing breakouts on your skin due to sweating at night. Say goodbye to night sweats!
  • Hypoallergenic: Indoor environments are commonly filled with allergens and irritants which is detrimental for those with sensitive or dry skin. Silk is hypoallergenic and does not attract germs due to the fine structure of its fibres. Say goodbye to bacteria and mites!
You will spend roughly a third of your life resting on a pillow. Treat yourself, your skin and your hair to a pleasant sleeping experience. Your true beauty sleep starts here…