About Happy Silk

Happy Silk is all about waking up at your best side no matter what side you sleep on - 

How it all begun ...
While working in the skin care industry, Lovisa, the founder of Happy-Silk, tried and tested every well renowned skin and hair care product out there – It was not until she listened to her grandmother’s advice to sleep on a silk pillowcase however that Lovisa felt truly at peace with her skin and hair. Excited by her discovery, she set about to create the ultimate sleeping experience and her journey of has just begun...
soft silk
Why it is so soft
Happy Silk pillowcases are made of 22 momme 100% pure mulberry silk. Your Happy Silk also comes with a dust bag so that you can bring it with you everywhere – because you do not want to be without it!
Your Happy Silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic and therefore gentle to your skin. It is also antibacterial and will keep bacteria and mites far away. Read about all beauty benefits here.
Your true beauty sleep is near ...
Wake up with glowing skin and flowing hair and say goodbye to bad hair days and sleep wrinkles.
Sleeping on silk will protect your hair and skin from the strain and damage that a regular pillowcase will cause. Silk will not just make you glow when you wake up, but it also protects your hair and skin in the long term.